GRDN: Boerum Hill's own Garden center


When I first arrived in her store at 103 Hoyt Street, Susanne (the owner) confessed immediately that the store had just been painted,  and that it took her the longest time to find just the right shade of green. That particular kind of care, love and passion comes through in her store, GRDN located in the heart of Brooklyn's Boerum Hill. A beautiful, warm and thoughtfully curated collection of some of the most classic, tried + true (and also reasonably priced) items for gardens, like Fermob furniture (all pieces available for order), Ben Wolff Pottery, Campo De Fiori planters, and a stunning assortment of both cut flowers and native perennials in her garden space in the back of the store. 

In a short time we covered a lot of ground: we spoke casually about Susanne's love for her neighborhood, the balancing act of raising a family and building her store, her love/hate relationship with cats, and her passion for native perennials and the High Line. I particularly loved her candor about her likes and surprising dislikes when it comes to plants. For example, she doesn't like most indoor plants... (go figure--but neither do I). It was actually a relief to hear a real plant person say that was ok. 

Born in Colorado, Susanne originally worked as a chef, and was inspired by one of her first bosses, Danny Meyer of Union Square Cafe, and in our conversation made mention of a book he authored, called Setting the Table,  which was an early inspiration for her--in particular his philosophy of "Enlightened Hospitality" and his unique authenticity and warmth, which although in the medium of flowers rather than food, is clearly conveyed in the environment she has created in her store.


There is a solid selection of drought-tolerant perennials tailored to the stylish yet low- maintenance  gardens in Brooklyn.


Espoma soil and soil amendments are on hand...


And the store's backyard garden is dotted with artifacts and garden ornaments, but it is unfussy and practical, like its residents.


As are seeds for low-maintenance shade and sun tolerant Brooklyn organic lawns. This particular seed bag sells for $46 and cover's 1,000 sq ft.


The carefully hand-thrown collection of Ben Wolff Pottery is available in charcoal grey and white.


And at Susanne's suggestion I picked up my own copy of Luciano Giubbilei's book, which I am now obsessed with.


GRDN also sellsthe entire collection of Fermob Collection of Garden Furniture, with select pieces available for purchase in the store.