Alternanthea/Calico Plan


Alternanthea/Calico Plan


CONDITIONS: Full Sun to Partial Shade
WATER: It needs a moderate amount. It likes moist, well-drained soil.
BLOOM TIME: It has an all-summer intrigue, great leaves BUT NO FLOWERS.
SIZE: 1'-3'
TWO THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT: It is a tropical plant and so it actually thrives on heat. The more the better and the richer the color. It's also easy to grow from seed and works well in a border.

LOOKS GREAT WITH: Seslaria, Aster, and Phlox

More on this: Alternanthea is not a name that slides off the tongue easily at all. But you don't need to talk about it, you just need to plant it. What I like is that it provides an accent, and in a window box it is a great contrast with deep dark greens. It is in my window box now, alongside Autumn Moor Grass, Aster, Calamint, and Phlox and is a vibrant burgundy. 


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