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10 Furniture picks


With any rooftop garden, your furniture needs to be lightweight, movable, and also weather-tolerant. And unless you have a ton of storage space (who does?) this furniture is going to be outside year -round. I tend to go for natural materials that are longer lasting, and I love mesh as a material. If you are worried about longevity, there are many types of furniture covers that help to preserve furniture during the  harsh  fall and winter seasons. You can also oil wood to restore  the grain and get it looking more of a walnut-y color, but I love the look of greying wood. But overall, the furniture needs to address how you will use the space, so whether for entertaining, sunning, or just casual group hangouts, layout and furniture choice is super important. 

Richard Schultz Chaise, Gardenista_1.jpg

top 10 Plant picks

Rooftop gardens are essentially as open to the elements as plants can possibly be. So plants that do best in that context need to be tough under pressure! That means they need to: love sun, tolerate wind, sustain heavy freeze-thaw conditions, and not mind drought-like conditions.

Here are Landstylist's  top 10 picks of beach-y and stylish perennials that look great together, and come back year after year on a roof even through
the toughest seasons.


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